Word Whizzle Search Superstar Professor Answers

This is the answers for word whizzle search superstar professor packs this level contains 35 level, in each level you must guest 6 to 8 word by slide the letters into a correct words. Player can try every possibilities by slide random direction, sometimes you can accidentally solve the level without knowing the correct answers, this word whizzle search superstar professor pack is not the hardest level so try to not use your hints at this packs.

Word Whizzle Search Superstar Professor 35

Level 951. Rhymes With “Squad” Jihad Facade Roughshod Outlawed Cod Applaud Abroad

Level 952. Ye Gods (Goddesses) Odin Athena Saturn Freyja Anubis Brahma

Level 953. Seven-Letter “OO” Hoosier Caboose Bazooka Lampoon Snooker Booming Chinook Cooties

Level 954. Antarctica Erebus Vostok Amundsen Polar Scott

Level 955. The Net Works YouTube Microsoft Google Yahoo Amazon

Level 956. Good Job Application Words Experienced Creative Eager Intelligent Responsible Determined Loyal Skilled

Level 957. Sounds Like “Fun” Blowgun Overdone Everyone Cinnamon Handgun Grandson Outdone

Level 958. Buildings Alamo Pentagon Chrysler Colosseum Pantheon Kaaba

Level 959. Use Your Noodle Rotelle Udon Vermicelli Ditalini Cellophane

Level 960. “Hee” Haw Wheeze Cheesiest Wheelchair Cheerleader Freewheel Heedless Cheerful Bedsheets

Level 961. Nordic Track Stockholm IKEA Bohr Lindgren Norway ABBA Larsson

Level 962. Good “PR” Leprosy Impress Sprayed Approve Bedspread Childproof

Level 963. Words Inside Philanthropy Appoint Happily Patron Trophy Poplar Ratio Ponytail Orphan

Level 964. “UNC” Announcer Lunchmeat Enunciate Acupuncture Staunch Uncluttered Truncate

Level 965. Addictionary Hooked Drug Rehab Withdrawal Dependent

Level 966. Medical “T”erms Tetanus Tinnitus Thrombosis Trichinosis Triage Tachycardia Traction

Level 967. Tennessee Williams Streetcar Iguana Menagerie Missouri Brando Stella

Level 968. Olympic Events Luge Diving Equestrian Fencing Judo Archery Badminton

Level 969. Don’t Catch the “FluInfluential Superfluous Fluffy Flutter Effluent Fluorescent Fluctuation Flugelhorn

Level 970. “P”lants Palm Posey Periwinkle Phlox Pinyon Peppermint

Level 971. From the Neck Up Palate Head Cortex Eyes Eardrum

Level 972. “Ex”actly Examine Exhume Exchange Expedited Expunged Expatriate

Level 973. Health Matters Cancer Anemia Sprain Dystrophy Alzheimers

Level 974. Greece is the Word Sparta Rhodes Marathon Athens Macedonia

Level 975. Dinosaur Remnants Fossil Footprint Eggs Cretaceous Jurassic

Level 976. Spotted Animals Cheetah Dalmatian Appaloosa Holstein Hyena Giraffe

Level 977. On Earth Continent Ocean Atmosphere Ranges Forest Wildlife Nations Oxygen

Level 978. U.SPresidential First Names Lyndon Franklin Grover Theodore Gerald Herbert Richard Barack

Level 979. Words Inside Dialogue Aloud Guide Goalie Ideal Lodge Audio Glued

Level 980. Sweden Stockholm ABBA IKEA Nobel Monarchy Scandinavia Vikings

Level 981. Hello Dali Moustache Spain Watches Surrealist Zany Painter

Level 982. “Ae”ncient Words Aesop Aeneid Aeschylus Aesthetics Aegean

Level 983. Food and Drink Salsa Chocolate Daiquiri Cheese Salad Burrito Gnocchi Jerky

Level 984. Heavy Equipment Crane Bulldozer Harrow Excavator Caterpillar Dolly Backhoe

Level 985. Basket of Nuts Pecan Filbert Pistachio Chestnut Macadamia Walnut

Level 986. Tech-Know-ledgy Texting Analog Kodak Peripheral Router Intranet

Level 987. In the U.S Constitution Amendment Habeas Arms Impeachment Privacy

Level 988. “B-U-T”iful Abutment Distribute Debutante Butchering Retribution Tributary Bellybutton Butterfly

Level 989. “C”reatures Cayman Caracal Capybara Cormorant Curlew Coyote Cottonmouth Chipmunk

Level 990. Ends in Double Letters Sniff Uphill Cockatoo Hawaii Bungee Coffee Bamboo

Level 991. Famous Sailors Blake Moitessier Shackleton Slocum Drake Perry Nelson Halsey

Level 992. Cooking in Greece Gyro Dolmathes Spanakopita Souvlaki Moussaka Baklava

Level 993. Geologic Time Epoch Chronozone Mesozoic Eonothem Cenozoic Permian

Level 994. More Hats Turban Beefeater Beret Derby Bicorn Ascot Fedora Balaclava

Level 995. Let’s Go to the Museum Smithsonian Louvre Vatican Saatchi Acropolis Guggenheim Pergamon

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