Word Whizzle Search Oracle Answers

This is the answers for word whizzle search oracle packs this level contains 35 level, in each level you must guest 6 to 8 word by slide the letters into a correct words. Player can try every possibilities by slide random direction, sometimes you can accidentally solve the level without knowing the correct answers, this word whizzle search oracle pack is not the hardest level so try to not use your hints at this packs.

Word Whizzle Search Oracle 31


Level 786. Futuristic Films Terminator Sleeper Alien Robocop Gattaca Dune Metropolis

Level 787. 20th Century Cubism Automobile Grunge Computers Digital

Level 788. Fictional Heroines Cinderella Hermione Katniss Alice Eowyn Matilda Arwen Pollyanna

Level 789. Housing Slum Duplex Cooperative Eviction Utilities Manager

Level 790. 1960s Slang Mellow Hangup Rap Righteous Hip Bread Fuzz Heavy

Level 791. Ends in “oo” Vindaloo Ballyhoo Waterloo Cockapoo Didgeridoo Peekaboo Switcheroo Hullabaloo

Level 792. “F” Words Flunkey Facemask Fracture Fascination Fundraiser Floodwater Fingerboard Fluorescent

Level 793. Deadwood Sawdust Driftwood Mulch Firewood Log Board

Level 794. Middle East Hajj Ayatollah Conflict Gaza Kurds Israel

Level 795. Playing Cards Flush Magician Bridge Monte Trump

Level 796. Noble Names Knight Duke Lord King Prince

Level 797. Authors “M” Moliere Malory Meyer Murakami Montesquieu McCourt Maupin Martin

Level 798. Weapons Torpedo Jackknife Lance Machete Whip

Level 799. Wines Champagne Vermouth Sherry Burgundy Merlot Riesling Cabernet

Level 800. Sesame Street Bert Oscar Puppets Education Grover Henson Elmo

Level 801. Ends With “x” Pillbox Climax Flambeaux Unorthodox Chickenpox Intermix Phalanx Phoenix

Level 802. Santa Claus Saint Donner Nast Workshop Sleigh

Level 803. Odd Sports Horseshoes Juggling Pickleball Buzkashi Dodgeball Darts

Level 804. Milk Homogenized Lactose Dairy Wisconsin Calcium Heifer Udder

Level 805. Part of a Homophone Flea Tracked Maid Tray Prince Break Witch Allowed

Level 806. “Yes” or “No” Yesteryear Nosebleed Novocain Nonverbal Yeshiva Noteworthy Noxious Nothingness

Level 807. Sun Gravitation Helium Sunspot Core Prominences Flare Radiation Corona

Level 808. Ologies Reflexology Morphology Archaeology Orology Chronology Philology Cycology

Level 809. Dirty Words Mess Dust Mire Stain Smut

Level 810. Third-World Capitals Lima Managua Nairobi Mogadishu Kabul Damascus

Level 811. Spicy Names Rosemary Ginger Curry Basil Pepper

Level 812. Post Office Parcel Zip Carriers Boxes Postage

Level 813. Feet Bunion Toenail Corn Podiatry Metatarsal

Level 814. Starts With “H” Hairpin Horrific Headstand Hesitance Hieroglyph Highchair Hatemonger Humiliation

Level 815. Universities Xavier Cornell Yeshiva Columbia Marquette

Level 816. American Mountains Rockies Sierras Denali Whitney Rainier Shasta Hood Appalachian

Level 817. Personal Finance Treasury Retirement Yield Dividend Checkbook

Level 818. Biblical Names Solomon Abraham Isaac Mary Herod Satan

Level 819. 20th Century Authors Nabokov Christie Frank Lawrence Faulkner

Level 820. Weights Measures Ream Olympiad Ounce Centigrade Bar Hectare Fathom Twain

Level 821. “Un” Uncover Underpass Unlimited Unabridged Unexplained Uninhibited Untouchable Unobservant

Level 822. Poli Sci Embassy President Diplomacy Sovereignty Coup Sharia

Level 823. Double N Unfunny Dinnerware Chardonnay Innocence Innumerable Mayonnaise Roadrunner Connotation

Level 824. Rhymes With Trap Backslap Bootstrap Stopgap Mousetrap Unwrap Kneecap

Level 825. “ICU” Difficulty Ficus Bicuspid Agriculture Conspicuous Practicum Manicure Articulate



1960s slang word whizzle

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