Word Whizzle Search Hero Answers

This is the answers for word whizzle search hero packs this level contains 30 level, in each level you must guest 4 to 6 word by slide the letters into a correct words. Player can try every possibilities by slide random direction, sometimes you can accidentally solve the level without knowing the correct answers, this word whizzle search hero pack is not the hardest level so try to not use your hints at this packs.

Word Whizzle Search Hero 


Level 301. Natural Disasters: Tornado Landslide Tsunami Drought Flood

Level 302. Famous Boxers: Pacquiao Marciano Ali Frazier Dempsey Tyson

Level 303. Popular Rappers: Eminem RickRoss Drake JayZ Kanye

Level 304. Synonyms for “Small”: Miniscule Petite Tiny Puny Teeny Little

Level 305. Nutrients Vitamins Potassium Iron Protein Calcium

Level 306. Well-Known Universities: Cambridge Princeton Oxford Yale Harvard Columbia

Level 307. Condiments: Ketchup Mustard Tabasco Relish Mayo

Level 308. Clothing Accessories: Necklace Earrings Scarf Purse Watch Belt

Level 309. DrSeuss Sneetches Whoville Horton Lorax Grinch

Level 310. Found On a Map: Highways Cities North Rivers Key Oceans

Level 311. French Food: Croissant Baguette Escargot Crepes Eclair

Level 312. Hockey Powerplay Bodycheck Puck Faceoff Penalty Rink

Level 313. In New York: Manhattan Broadway Brooklyn Harlem Queens

Level 314. Chili: Peppers Habanero Jalapeno Serrano Cayenne Fresno Tabasco

Level 315. Fashion Designers: Versace Armani Hilfiger Prada Gucci

Level 316. African Countries: Botswana Morocco Nigeria Sudan Libya Kenya

Level 317. Santa Claus: Northpole Reindeer Elves Beard Toys

Level 318. Synonyms for “Sad”: Mournful Unhappy Somber Gloomy Down Blue

Level 319. Cocktails: Margarita Martini Daiquiri Mojito Mimosa

Level 320. Australian Mammals: Kangaroo Platypus Koala Dingo Wombat

Level 321. Peel-Covered Fruits and Vegetables: Cucumber Potato Orange Banana Apple

Level 322. Billiards: Jumpshot Backspin Cueball Scratch Rack Stripes

Level 323. Summer Activities: Swimming Baseball Hiking Boating Fishing

Level 324. Countries in Eastern: Europe Ukraine Slovakia Hungary Poland Belarus Romania

Level 325. Cleaning Tasks: Laundry Vacuum Dishes Dust Mop

Level 326. Snakes: Kingsnake Anaconda Python Viper Mamba Cobra

Level 327. At a Picnic: Blanket Basket Cooler Family Food

Level 328. Mexican Food: Enchilada Menudo Tamale Fajita Flan Salsa

Level 329. Art Vocabulary: Landscape Texture Sketch Collage Pastel

Level 330. Harry Potter: Quidditch Hermione Hogwarts Snape Malfoy Magic


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