Word Whizzle Search Beginner Answers

This is the answers for word whizzle search beginner packs this level contains 10 level, in each level you must guest 2 to 5 word by slide the letters into a correct words. Player can try every possibilities by slide random direction, sometimes you can accidentally solve the level without knowing the correct answers, this word whizzle search beginner pack is not the hardest level so try to not use your hints at this packs.

Word Whizzle Search Beginner


Level 31. Things that Fly: Bird Bee Bat Duck

Level 32. Drink me: Milk Water Soda Tea

Level 33. Riding a Bike: Seat Brake Wheel Spoke Pedal

Level 34. Places to live: House Hut Cabin Condo

Level 35. Casino Games: Keno Dice Poker Slots Craps

Level 36. Working Out: Lift Job Swim Situp

Level 37. Boating: Oar Aft Sail Stern Motor

Level 38. Playing Cards: Queen King Ace Suit

Level 39. The Desert: Dune Cacti Snake Sand Heat

Level 40. At the Movies: Usher Film Snack Dark

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