Word Whizzle Rabbit Answers

Word Whizzle Rabbit Answers

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V 1.0.7 (new)

Rabbit Level 11: Body Of Water – Lake

Rabbit Level 12: Humorous – Joke

Rabbit Level 13: Seen At Night – Moth

Rabbit Level 14: Heavy Metal – Iron

Rabbit Level 15: Fruit – Lime

Rabbit Level 16: Church Leader – Pope

Rabbit Level 17: It Shines Overhead – Moon

Rabbit Level 18: Nocturnal Predator – Wolf

Rabbit Level 19: Untamed Feline – Lion

Rabbit Level 20: Flower – Iris

V 1.0.6 (old)

Rabbit Level 11 – Tree – Pine

Rabbit Level 12 – Crawling Vine – Ivy

Rabbit Level 13 – Untamed Feline – Puma

Rabbit Level 14 – Nocturnal Mammal – Bat

Rabbit Level 15 – It Shines Overhead – Sun

Rabbit Level 16 – It Rings – Bell

Rabbit Level 17 – Exotic Fruit – Kiwi

Rabbit Level 18 – Heavy Metal – Lead

Rabbit Level 19 – Seen At Night – Star

Rabbit Level 20 – Wordplay – Pun

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